Recognizing the dearth of resources and accurate information about the Ainu people available in English, AINU PRIDE PRODUCTIONS aims to help connect the Ainu people with the wider, non-Japanese speaking world. Through our various projects, we hope to help spread awareness about the Ainu people, their culture, their art, their history, and their lives as a current, modern people in Japan. To fulfill our mission, we provide translation and interpretation services (English/Japanese/Ainu), updates on news and events, event production and logistics, procurement of Ainu arts and crafts, and assistance with any inquiries that you may have.

AINU PRIDE PRODUCTIONS is led by W. Lonnie Ding-Everson, who, while not Ainu himself, is of mixed background born and raised in Japan, and has strong connections to the Ainu community. Working in the Greater Tokyo area, he was the manager of the performance group AINU REBELS, served as a member of the Tokyo Secretariat of the 2008 Indigenous Peoples Summit in Ainu Mosir, and currently teaches Parent/Child Ainu Language classes at the Tokyo Ainu Cultural Center. APP works with a wide range of people in the Ainu community, with a particular focus on the art/music movement among Ainu youth in the Tokyo area.

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